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a piece of space APSとは?
「a piece of space」 - ひとかけらのスペース。さまざまな形でアートに携わってきた美術関係者が共同運営する10平米ほどのアート・スペースです。 APSは、私たちが考える「今社会に必要なこと」を、それぞれの得意分野や人脈を総合的に終結し、緩やかに協働しつつ、模索、提案していく、プロジェクト拠点です。まずは、その活動のスタートとして、 「a piece of work」と名づけた作品1点だけの展覧会を随時開催します。

About “a piece of space APS:”
“a piece of space APS,” which opened in November 2004, is a small art space of only 10 square meters, completely renovated in white. The two people who run the space have worked in the field of contemporary art for many years. It holds contemporary art exhibitions, and is also used as an art project office. Therefore, APS is not only an art gallery, but an art project space, in which the organizers investigate into and propose what we think is necessary in society today. We aim to accomplish this by holdings exhibitions and executing projects within the field of contemporary art.
A series of solo-exhibitions held irregularly at APS, entitled “a piece of work,” asks the selected artist to bring the space to life with just one work.

1. Tokyo Metro Ginza Line: Get off at Kyobashi Station (G 10).
2. Go up the stairs of Exit 2.
3. Walk straight on the Chuo-dori toward Ginza until you come to the corner of the cake shop Cozy Corner (2 min.), and turn left.
4. Then, walk 2 short blocks and turn right at the corner.
5. APS is in the building next to the red signboard on which is written “Office DEPOT.” 5th floor, room 511.


a piece of space

〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座1-9-8

Address: 1-9-8 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061,
Okuno Bldg., 5th Fl.

TEL/FAX: 03-3567-4330

URL:  www.a-piece-of-space.com

水−土 12:00pm - 7:00pm
or by appointment

  • 日月火はお休み
  • 展覧会をしていない時は事務所となっております
Exhibition Periods:
Open: Wed., Thu., Fri. and Sat.
Closed: Sun., Mon. and Tue.
Please check with the gallery for exhibition schedules.
We only hold 3 to 5 exhibitions per year.

a piece of space APS へのアクセス

南平妙子 Taeko Nanpei (美術翻訳、Office Nanpei)
三ツ木紀英 Mitsuki Norie (アートコーディネーター、Mitsuki Norie art planning)

NANPEI, Taeko (Translator in the field of art)
MITSUKI, Norie (Art Coordinator/Owner, Mitsuki Norie Art Planning)

SASAKI, Toshiharu (Photographer)
YASUDA, Sachigusa (Visual Artist)